COVID-19 Update 23 March 2020

At 12.00pm today, as part of a nationally consistent approach, all cultural and art institutions in Western Australia will close in the interests of public safety in response to COVID-19. This includes art galleries, theatres, museums, and libraries across the State.

While the institutions will be closed to the general public, staff at these institutions will continue to work in the buildings.

I understand that these institutions are important elements of our community and temporarily shutting them down will cause hardship for many. However, our best medical advice is that this is a necessary step to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

While the buildings will be closed, work on contingency plans to continue to provide services online are well underway. 

For information on the services available online, I suggest you consult the websites and social media channels of the relevant cultural institution.

Duncan Ord OAM
Director General

Munster House having been originally built in the early 1900s was extensively refurbished in the late 1990s to establish what is now known as the King Street Arts Centre.
The Kings Street Arts Centre is a home for arts and cultural organisations representing a blend of your, regional, community and professional arts activity and practice. 

These organisations include:

Community Arts NetworkCO3Country Arts WAPerforming Lines

Perth Centre for PhotographySTRUT Dance Company

The Last Great HuntWest Australian Youth Theatre Company 

Small Meeting Room

 Capacity for 10 – 16 people. This room is 6.1 x 3.6 meters in size and includes 2 tables, 15 chairs, air-conditioning, fixed whiteboard and portable whiteboard.

Large Meeting Room

 Capacity for 80 people. This room is 11.5 x 8.5 meters in size and includes 5 tables, 52 chairs, air-conditioning and lighting tracks. 


Ground Floor Foyer; Suitable for 80 - 120 people. The Foyer is available for hire 8am - 4pm for exhibitions and 4pm - 9pm for both exhibitions and events. 

Studio 1

14 x 11 metres in size, air-conditioning and heating, 1 floor fan, an upright piano, 4 portable mirrors, surround sound system, lighting tracks with the capacity to suit 25 – 30 dancers.

Studio 2


 14 x 11 meters in size, air-conditioning and heating with the capacity to suit 25 – 30 dancers.

Studio 3

 14 x 14 meters in size, air-conditioning and heating, 2 floor fan, an 3 portable mirrors, 2 speakers and 8 channel mixing desk, 2 tables, 6 benches, lighting tracks with the capacity to suit 25 – 30 dancers.

Not for profit organisations please contact Elena for rates



Phone: Elena 0435 049 999

The King Street Arts Centre is located at 357 - 365 Murray Street, Perth.